What Makes Whisky Collectable?

Whisky has always been a refined, premium drink – something that keeps you company after a busy day or heightens the beauty of your home bar. 

This spirit is considered to be a collectible for two reasons. Firstly, people collect rare whisky that is high in demand and use them as investment pieces. Secondly, whisky collectors collect bottles based on their individual preferences, be it from a specific distillery, a whisky aged in a specific type of barrel, bottles that are of a certain age, and so on. The collector’s curation often makes these collections rare and unique, and eventually, the demand for them shoots up. 

Whisky is a worthy investment if you’re able to get your hands on rare, premium-quality whisky. Much like stocks and gold, this spirit now offers good returns, provided that there’s a high demand for that particular type of whisky bottle in the market. 

If you’re wondering what are the factors that make a particular whisky bottle a good collectible, read on.

  • Limited Edition

Pretty much a no-brainer – limited-edition whisky bottles are produced in only a handful of numbers, so having one in your collection is quite a big deal. If you’ve come across a single cask release, bag it right away without a second thought. They are quite difficult to come across and are generally a hit at auctions. The name of the brand and the quantity produced in the batch also matter a lot, so be sure to do your research beforehand. 

If you’re just starting out with your whisky collection, this would be a great beginning. In case you wish to sell it in the future, you can expect its price to go up much higher. And if you’re keeping it purely as a luxury collectible, then you can relish the joy of owning a rare whisky. 

  • Collections 

Some brands sell premium whisky collections to attract customers, and these collections tend to get sold out quickly. You can choose to buy an entire collection or a small part of it. Chances are, someone who has half the collection would want to possess the complete series, and they’ll be willing to offer you a higher value if you take your whisky to an auction. 

And if you have sound knowledge of whiskies, you can collect some bottles by yourself following a particular sequence of your preference. If there’s a demand for it, you’ll be able to sell off the collection for a handsome amount! 

  • Consider the Cask/Barrel 

The cask or barrel in which the whisky has been aged is a point to consider. Some types of casks are rarer than others, so their values will differ accordingly. For example, sherry casks are a rarity. If you find a bottle that represents a unique cask finish, it would make for a great collectible – they tend to have more complex flavors. 

And in case you’re looking for something rarer, collecting Japanese oak casks would be a great idea. They are quite scarce, and connoisseurs would be ready to pay well to get their hands on one of the bottles. 

  • Official Bottling 

For starters, you can choose official bottlings of whiskies, branded directly by the distillery. However, in recent times, there is a growing demand for independent bottlings as well, because they are quite difficult to come across. 

  • Inactive Distillery 

Another good option is to look for whiskies produced by distilleries that are no longer active. They are super rare because the distillery won’t be making these bottles any more. While they are definitely not easy to come across, in case you happen to have one in your possession, be sure that its value will only go up.  

Start Your Whisky Collection Today 

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