Top Best-Selling Brands of Whisky in Scotland

If you love whisky, you’ve probably stopped to wonder a few times which brands are the best out there. Of course, this tends to change every year, but when it comes to whisky, you can’t go wrong with any of the best-selling brands in Scotland. Scotch whisky is widely recognized as one of the most upscale and high-class drink options out there, and choosing a best-seller in the world of Scotch whisky is a sure way to bring home something you’re going to want to savor and show off as well. Read through our list of top picks below to help you find the perfect whisky for yourself or a friend.

Black & White

Black & White may look like a newcomer in the world of Scotch whisky, but it’s actually an old brand that has had a little bit of a facelift—and an update. This brand is a hot pick for 2018 and promises to continue to surprise and delight fans of Scotch around the world well into the coming year as well. It’s catching on more and more, so do yourself a favor and pick up a bottle of this classic brand to see for yourself what all the fuss is about.


When you’re looking for a Scotch that tastes great and isn’t going to break the bank quite like some of the others on this list, Dewar’s may be right for you. This is a more affordable option in comparison to many others out there, and since the brand is owned by Bacardi, it’s a little bit easier to find in local stores as well. With that said, however, it doesn’t sacrifice anything in terms of flavor, and it’s sure to please you as well as your guests when you serve up a bottle of this popular and widely-recognized Scotch.

Label 5

This is a much newer player when it comes to Scotch whisky, but that doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Label 5 is a modern take on Scotch that relies heavily on internet marketing to get its name out there, but that marketing is doing the trick. This brand is particularly well-known in Europe, although it’s starting to become more popular in other parts of the world as well. The brand is a little bit lesser-known than some of our other picks, but it is still worth considering when you’re looking for a quality Scotch to grace your table.

William Peel

This is a brand of Scotch whisky that hasn’t really taken off outside of Europe, but it is a very popular pick there regardless. William Peel may not be as recognized as some of the other labels and brand names listed here, but it’s worth considering, especially if you’re able to locate it—either in a speciality shop or while you’re visiting Europe yourself. As the years go on, this brand continues to gain more and more fans, and it may become more widespread in time.


Sometimes, you may want to look back in time a little bit to find a great Scotch whisky to suit your needs. If this sounds like you, then you might want to consider J&B. This is a brand that dates back several decades and continues to be a top favorite in Scotland as well as the rest of Europe. Less popular in the United States and other parts of the world, J&B nevertheless continues to be one of the more recommended brand names for quality Scotch options, even among those who are new to drinking it.


Grant’s is another type of Scotch whisky that you’re likely to see on the shelves of just about any local liquor store. Just because it’s prominent, however, that doesn’t make it lacking in flavor or class, and it’s another one you should keep in mind when you’re searching for a great quality Scotch that isn’t too expensive. This brand has been popular for some time, an it is only growing in popularity around the world as it continues to showcase new editions and unique takes on Scotch whisky as well.

Johnnie Walker

Regularly recommended as the most popular and most well-known brand of Scotch whisky out there, Johnnie Walker has been around for many decades and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. This is an extremely popular pick and is recognized as the best-selling brand of Scotch in the world. Thanks to this popularity, the brand is only continuing to spread further and further, which is of course causing more Scotch fans to fall in love with it too. Whether you’re completely new to drinking Scotch or you’re well-versed in all things whisky, pick up a bottle of Johnnie Walker to enjoy the Scotch everyone has been talking about for a long time.
There are many different quality brands to choose from when you’re looking to buy a bottle of Scotch whisky. Keep in mind that the above-listed are just some of the best-sellers out there, and that you may be able to find even more unique and impressive Scotch options when you go looking, too. It may take a little time to find the perfect fit for your next Scotch decision, but if you choose from our list of top picks, you’re sure to be pleased with the results.
Keep in mind, too, that the popularity of a brand name doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the perfect pick for you. There may be many other factors that come into play, including availability, budget, and taste preferences, so don’t hesitate to try more than one option to find the right Scotch to suit your needs. If you are planning to give Scotch as a gift, however, you may want to stick to these more well-known brands and labels for best results. Keep all of this in mind when you go to choose your next bottle of Scotch whisky, no matter what the occasion.

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