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Casa Dragones Tequila Blanco 750ml


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Named The Best Sipping Tequila in the World” by CNN Travel, Casa Dragones Joven is a small batch, limited edition, 100% Blue Agave Tequila, a master blend of silver tequila and extra aged tequila, rested in new American oak barrels for 5 years, for a complex, smooth taste that is perfect for sipping and pairing with food.

As the spiritual home of Casa Dragones, San Miguel embodies the sophistication of our uniquely smooth tequila. Our name, Casa Dragones, is inspired by the legendary Dragones from San Miguel de Allende, who led one of the movements that sparked the Mexican Independence. Like the Dragones, we're breaking new ground, creating sipping tequilas with a clean, extra soft taste.
La Casa Dragones, the original stables where the Dragones spent much of their time, dates all the way back to 1671. Today, the house still stands on a narrow-cobbled street in San Miguel de Allende. Walk past the iron gates, along the trellised stone corridor of the house, and you can feel the passion that once again resides there. La Casa Dragones is home to a new tequila that defies the ordinary. Tequila Casa Dragones is unique in every way; a testament to our spirit of independence.
When visiting San Miguel de Allende, Mexico there's no more unique and memorable experience than a private tour of La Casa Dragones. Visit the historic 17th century stables of the Dragones cavalry, now transformed into an elegant private home. This stunning 4-bedroom, 4-bath home is centrally located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende, close to the city's finest restaurants, art galleries and cultural attractions.
When visiting the house, you will also discover the innovative process and handcrafted techniques that result in Casa Dragones uniquely smooth sipping tequilas.
Found in the rich volcanic soil of Casa Dragones agave fields in the Trans-Mexican Volcanic Belt, in Tequila, Jalisco, large black obsidian rocks were formed from a lava explosion over 20,000 years ago. Today, these majestic stones have been carefully transformed by hand into 4,000 beautiful tiles that now adorn the walls and ceiling of Casa Dragones Tasting Room.
The opportunity to use obsidian, an iconic Mexican stone, and transform it into something of beauty to appreciate and experience in a new way was a very exciting challenge, designer Gloria Cortina says. This black obsidian is extremely fragile and must be worked properly to reflect all of its natural beauty and characteristics, and so crafting 4,000 tiles was a very complex and delicate endeavor.
The history of Los Dragones of San Miguel de Allende is especially inspiring, and features prominently in the foundation of modern Mexico. At the epicenter of Mexico's lucrative silver trade in the late 1700s, San Miguel was an extremely prosperous town.
The Queen's most elite cavalry, the Dragones, were strategically stationed in San Miguel to protect the Queen's interests. By the late 1700's, the Dragones of San Miguel, an elite cavalry of the Queen's army that had already been in Mexico for four generations, garnered much influence and power in business and trade throughout the region.
Led by General Ignacio Allende, the Dragones eventually began questioning the heavy taxes imposed on the Mexican people. During the late 1700's, the Dragones, led by General Ignacio Allende, joined forces with influential leaders in the church, including Father Hidalgo, the parish priest in nearby Dolores, to seek independence from Spain.
It was the passion and fortitude of these Dragones that forever changed the face of Mexico. General Ignacio Allende, head of the Queen's army and leader of the Dragones, worked closely with Father Hidalgo to spark Mexico's Independence movement. On September 16th, 1810, Father Hidalgo delivered his cry of independence speech, known as El Grito.
Casa Dragones bottles commemorate this important date in Mexican history with a 16 on its label and a 16 inscribed on the bottom of every Casa Dragones Blanco bottle. 16 is also the address at La Casa Dragones. Father Juan de San Miguel, a Franciscan missionary born in Spain, founded the original Indian settlement in 1542 and named it San Miguel Viejo after his patron saint. By the end of the 16th century, San Miguel was a booming town, flourishing with agriculture, ranching and tanneries. It was then renamed San Miguel el Grande.
The heroes of Mexico's independence movement were born in San Miguel el Grande, including General Ignacio Allende, Father Miguel Hidalgo, Jose Marino and Juan Aldama. On March 8, 1826, the Guanajuato state government honored Allende's heroism by renaming San Miguel El Grande to San Miguel de Allende.

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