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Banff distillery was founded in 1824 in the royal burgh of the same name, and can be found on the north coast of Aberdeenshire. The distillery is generally regarded as the one which has had the worst luck - the buildings were destroyed by fire in 1877, but were rebuilt by the owners who operated it until 1932. The distillery was bought by SMD who kept it closed until after the Second World War.  This sadly didn't stop it from being bombed - a warehouse was destroyed and a river of Whisky flowed across the fields (supposedly resulting in cows becoming drunk). There was also unfortunately an explosion in the still house in 1959. 

 Banff distillery ran until the raft of closures in the 1980s. When the buildings were being demolished in 1983 it caught fire (again). There are very few bottling of Banff now, save for independent bottling. The overall character is said to be aromatic with undertones of smoke and oiliness.

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