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Jura Aged 16 Years Diurachs' Own Single Malt Scotch Whisky

Jura Aged 16 Years Diurachs' Own Single Malt Scotch Whisky

$139.99 (unless otherwise stated in the description, price is per bottle)

The 16 year-old official bottling, also subtitled ?Diurach?s Own? after the name for the people of Jura, spends 14 years in ex-bourbon, and then is transferred for 2 years into Amaroso Oloroso sherry casks to finish.

Nose: Elegant citrus ? grapefruit maybe, or bergamot. Mildly sherried, as befits the finish. If there?s any Island peat present, it?s in the form of a soft, ferny, heathery aroma in the distance. The fruit is fresh and bright, and backed up by a capable maltiness with breakfast cereal and spongecake. Soft, lovely, and floral. Very nice.

Palate: Slightly chewy texture, and quite sweet. Candied orange peels, tawny fudge, blanched almonds, and marzipan. Not an ounce of burn on the tongue. Ladylike, even.

Finish: The heather notes return, with honey and a bit of oaky tannins. A final wave of very mild citrus ? just pith, maybe ? and a ghost of bitterness.

With Water: Several drops of water draw out a bit more of the eccentric aspects of the sherry, namely a leather note, and some lemon peel, which continues through the palate and finish as extra tartness. Water is not needed here, but does add something interesting.

Overall: An eminently likable malt. Flawless in execution, sweet and mild on the tongue, with a moderately perfumed aroma. This would be excellent with a mild cigar. Jura has a lot of ardent admirers, and I can see why. It is not intense nor challenging, but it is complex enough to reward contemplation.

I have not been able to say this much recently, but this malt is definitely worth the $65 or so that it retails for.

ABV: 43.0%
Distillery: -
Vintage: -
Region: -
Volume: 750 ml
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