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Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey Cider Cask 750ml

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Once a year, this finely balanced, sophisticated spirit is created in the heart of Ireland. It is a marriage between the craft of small-batch cider-making and our legendary whiskey, creating a layered complexity of nose and taste that is richly rewarding.

Tullamore D. E. W. is the original triple distilled, triple blend whiskey. Known the world over for its smooth and gentle complexity. Tullamore D. E. W. is named after Daniel E. Williams, the man who decided that true craft could only come from the True Character and insisted that his whiskey was made accordingly. DANIEL E. WILLIAMS the creator of Tullamore D. E. W. A self-made man who worked his way up from a stable boy of the distillery to become the owner: he brought electricity, and motorised automobiles to Tullamore and created a whiskey so distinctive and character-filled, it could only be stamped with his initials D. E. W. The grandson of Daniel E. Williams, Desmond inherited his grandfather?s grit and determination. He followed his innovative footsteps by revolutionising the whiskey industry and introducing Ireland?s first blended whiskey. After 60 years of waiting in September 2014 Tullamore D. E. W. resumed production in it?s ancestral home of Tullamore, Co Offaly. Our new state-of-art distillery will ensure the legacy of our legendary whiskey will live on in the heart of Ireland for the foreseeable future.

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